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October 8, 2009

Since the last post was wordy, this one will be mostly just pictures, as they speak for themselves.

In life, there are two choices: Do you want a sitcom that features good looking actors who can’t act, or a sitcom that features “normal” looking people who can? It’s a tough decision. On the one hand, if I want funny and normal, I probably don’t need to watch TV. But is it worth it waste thirty minutes to an hour (minus commercial time) to watch good looking people on mute? It’s a paradox I rarely face anymore due to my lack of accessibility to cable, but it is still something to be pondered over dinner and in philosophy classes.

The list bellow falls, in my experience, in the category of ugly and funny… for the most part. There are a few casts that I think aren’t funny or good looking, but they still made it on the list because this particular list is not about funny- just ugly. The following is that of the least attractive TV casts I could think of:

-Roseanne– The entire cast.

-Seinfeld– The entire cast, minus the people that they used to date. For some reason, they always dated fairly good looking people, which made no sense to me.

-The Office- The entire cast minus Jim and Pam, obviously. If this was in the 80’s or the British version, everyone would be unattractive.

-Murphy Brown– The entire cast.

-All in the Family– The entire cast INCLUDING the blond chick.

-Cheers*– Everyone but Kirstie Alley and Shelly Long.

-New Radio– The entire cast, especially Andy Dick

-Family Matters– The entire cast minus Richie and Laura but including the time that Urkle became “hot” Urkle Stephen.

-Just Shoot Me– The entire cast minus the ladyz in specific episodes only.

-Full House-The entire cast minus Uncle Jesse (he carried the show) but including extras like Kimmi.

-Blossom– The entire cast minus Joey Lawrence.

-Friends– The entire cast. I don’t care what you say, this is one of those examples when they try to find “attractive” yet “real(ish)” looking people and then you just kind of look at them for too long and realize, sure, they may be slender and have hair, but they are not an attractive group.

That about does it. Common thread? The 80’s/90’s transition period. As you can see, there are only a few shows on this list that are current or prior to that time frame. Yikes.

*Note: This also includes the Fraiser spin-off.