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The Bachelor Game

May 7, 2009
So, as many of you may know (or should), James Buchanan was the only US President to have been a bachelor, not only his entire career, but also his entire life.
And for the record, I have been thinking about this for a long time.
So, let’s get to the point. A little bit about our Bachelor:
James Buchanan Jr. was born in a little town (weren’t they all back then) in Pennsylvania in a log cabin. Possibly one of the worst presidents the USA has ever had to offer because of the poor condition his country was in leading up to the famous Civil War of the United States, poor James found himself hated, and probably single because of it. Perhaps if he would have had a good woman to help him in this time of crisis, his yin to his yang, his ham to his rye, his Hillary to his Bill, things would have faired better for Mr. Buchanan. So let’s welcome the ladies shall we?

Contestant Number 1.)
Known for her work with civil rights and feminism, her ability to make friends with people who count and will some day change the world and face of politics, and her uncanny ability to know that her right side is indeed her best side for photographing/portraits/coins:

Susan B Anthony

Contestant Number 2.)
Born into a well connected family with bling-bling and status symbols, this young heart throb (and if you go into battle, you better make sure she is there to check yours) worked to pioneer the nursing field as well as to push her works into the field of mathematics. This “Lady with the Lamp” might just set your heart aflame:

Florence Nightingale

Contestant Number 3.)
Though a little scrawny and a bit reclusive, don’t let this self-proclaimed “Nobody” fool you. This spit fire poet enjoys sentimental conversations, Shakespeare and getting caught in the rain:

Emily Dickinson
Contestant Number 4.)
Who doesn’t like a woman of mystery? Little is known about this siren except that she lived during that 1950s in Ohio and was a hottie with style:

This Lady
So there you have it. I don’t know what Buchanan’s problem was, because the dating scene back in the day was prime for the picking.